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Decode Magazine is a critical look at how technology is affecting individuals and society.

Technology increasingly permeates every aspect of our lives. We are writing for people who are confused by the pace of technological change and want help to make sense of whether particular developments are helpful or harmful to them. We want to break stories that make people feel that the future will be stranger than they thought it would be and then help them make sense of that.

Unlike many tech magazines, we maintain a healthy distance from technology while being interested in its potential. We recognise that technology is not automatically good; it embodies the qualities and failing of its makers and therefore should be subject to the same scrutiny that we apply to any force shaping society.

We almost all use technology passively on a daily basis. We believe people are keen to understand, in the wake of revelations about Big Tech, how technology might be using them; rather than them using it.

Issues such as Cambridge Analytica have shown us that journalism has a very important role in acting as a watchdog for big tech; while we also aim to shine a light on all of the fantastic, unique and bizarre creations and innovations that tech has brought in the last few years.

Our magazine will be available physically in June, but we will also be posting exclusive online content on our website here. Expect stories on everything from VR physical rehabilitation services to Afrofuturism to interviews with tech’s latest entrepreneurial talents. At Decode, we are always looking for a dynamic, engaging way to tell stories about tech, in an age of unprecedented technological development.

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