Tackling Food Waste: Meet The Woman Who Founded An App For Food Sharing

by Eithne Dodd

Saasha Celestial One is the founder of a food sharing app called OLIO. “Food waste is one of the biggest problems facing mankind today and it’s a disaster for the environment. One billion people go to bed hungry every day.”

OLIO allows users to share and find spare food that would otherwise go to waste: “Olio provides a technical solution to connect neighbours to share food and other household items so that our most precious resources are redistributed and enjoyed,” Saasha said.

Saasha launched OLIO with her business partner Tessa Cook in 2015. Since then about half a million people have signed up across the UK. She speaks about the business with obvious pride.

“We’ve seen 160,000 neighbours leave on their doorsteps food to share, we’ve had 18,000 people support the volunteers to take marketing materials and the playbook and build a food sharing network in their own community, and we’ve gotten 150 business on board to donate their surplus food at the end of the day.”

Being a woman in the tech world, Saasha doesn’t feel that this has held her back at all, especially for her particular product.

“We’re a product created by women, for the most part there’s a lot of females on our team and our users are predominantly women.

“I think that gender discrepancies exist in all industries and not just in technology and while it is unfortunate, there’s not much you can do about it today, this instant, except for deciding to progress as if it didn’t exist.

“We don’t spend a lot of time thinking about whether or not being a female holds us back or not. Instead we ask ‘actually how can our unique voice as women be used in some ways to our advantage?’, because we are predominantly serving a female market.”

Photo by OLIO

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