Edible Glass And Drone Deliveries: The Future Of Wine

by Valentine Baldassari

In the not-so-distant future, you might eat a bottle of wine after drinking it – or so says a new report published by wine merchant Armit Wines and food futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye.

The research aims to “gaze into the crystal ball of vinification” and predict the future of wine drinking and production in the next three decades.

According to Dr Gaye, edible glasses and bottles made from corn starch and a sugar substitute known as isomalt will become a reality.

“The ‘glass’ is fully compostable, so festival-goers can party like rock stars whilst doing their bit for the planet,” says Dr Gaye. The taste of the bottle could even be paired with the wine it contains.

The report also says that another innovation coming to the fore of the wine industry is drone delivery.

“As online shopping continues to grow, instant wine delivery via drones will eventually become the norm, with retailers capable of depositing products at specific, local drone sites for click and collect,” the report says.

Paul Armstrong, a digital marketer and technology advisor who took part in the London Wine Fair last month, sees potential in this area: “Drone deliveries will happen once the law catches up but self-driving cars could equally become the off-licenses of the future.”

“If you can deliver pizza, you can deliver a bottle of wine and we’re starting to see that with disruptors like Uber Eats and Deliveroo the price of delivery is low and convenience is high,” says Armstrong.

Armstrong also points out other areas of innovation not highlighted by Armit Wines and Dr Gaye’s report.

“Nanotechnology offers the wine business a huge chance to create new variations, fix issues and generally make wine even easier to make and market but blockchain technologies also offer manufacturers a chance to play up the heritage angle.”

Featured Image by Elle Hughes on Unsplash

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