Green Fashion: This T-shirt Absorbs Air Pollution

by Sostene Costantino

In an industry burdened by an abysmal pollution records, designers have come up with a t-shirt able to soak up air pollutants. The product has been developed by the Italian fashion retailer Kloters in collaboration with the tech start-up Anemotech.

“Research show that the fashion industry is the biggest creator of pollution after fossil fuels”, says Giulia Contratto of Kloters. “So, we started thinking about ways to reduce the impact of our products.”

The product is called RepAir and offers an innovative solution to this problem. It is a t-shirt actively improving the quality of the air people breathe, using a new technology, called “TheBreath”, developed by Anemotech.

“It’s a filter cloth that cleans the air from pollutants,” says Contratto.

“TheBreath” is a patented three-layered piece of fabric able to capture and retain air pollutants. Fitted as a chest pocket on every RepAir t-shirt, it doesn’t need to be powered by any external energy sources and it will last a year before needing replacement.

The pollutants found in the air that flows through the cloth are captured by the first layer and disintegrated in the middle one, thanks to nano-molecule technology. The purified air is then filtered in the third layer and free to continue its natural circle.

Anemotech see the application of their technology perfectly fitting the fashion industry.

“The fact that it is an actual cloth obviously encourages its uses within the fashion industry,” says Giulia Reginato, chief of communication. “We definitely see a future for us in this market.”

A price-tag has not been set for RepAir yet. The product will be pre-released through a Kickstarter campaign. In June, it will officially be available in stores and online.

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